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Seismic notes

Seismic notes [Download file "Seismic notes.pdf"] Why seismic sensors: really cool way to see what is going on inside the eart...

Raspberry Pi Buster notes

Raspberry Pi Debian Buster basics [Download file "Raspberry Pi Debian Buster basics.pdf"] What you will need: computer of s...

SDR: Software defined radio

[Download file "SDR radio notes.pdf"] Why SDR? Most radios you use everyday are SDR, including your iPhone or android Software d...

ISR terminal commands

ISR terminal commands ——— review: ls, pwd, cd nano, ctrl o, ctrl x invisible files top, ps sudo —— directory and processes...

Elab Energy Hunt

Elab energy hunt-answers on your weblog! Part one: Sensors and controls go to and see if you can open something ...

Solar PPA monitoring project

1. carefully measure a few sample solar panels on the PPA array above 2. determine a very accurate measure of the effective solar area of one pa...

Mango challenge

Mango Challenges: On server ( Look for the data source “EG lab master” Yo...

ISR EMC Challenge!

ISR EMC challenge What was the lowest temp today, and when? If the PPA solar panels behind the elab are rated at 110 kW, what...

Telemetry notes: EMC and Mango

EMC 9 EMC v.4 works for all cbw sensors EMC 5 EMC v.4 wor...

Cables and meters

[Download file "cat5 cables.pdf"]

Weblog how-to

Team, I've created weblogs for each of our new ISR folks, here is how to login and create your first page: Start by going to Y...

ISR 2020 begins!

Team, We'll be going over your ideas for projects in the next few meetings, but in the meantime, have a look at this list and let me know if anything...


Teams, We'd like to hear your ideas for your projects this year, including a secondary backup project. Below is a list of projects ongoing, le...

Terminal commands module 6: text editors

[Download file "TC 6.0 Text editors.pdf"]

Terminal commands module 5: html

[Download file "TC 5.0 HTML.pdf"]

Terminal commands module 4: Wireless networks

[Download file "TC 4.0 Wireless networks.pdf"]

Terminal commands module 3: Networks and the internet

[Download file "Terminal commands module 3: Networks and the internet.pdf"]

Terminal Commands module 2: Terminal commands and your computer

[Download file "Terminal Commands module 2: Terminal commands and your computer.pdf"]

Terminal Commands module 1: Terminal commands and the internet

[Download file "Terminal Commands module 1: Terminal commands and the internet.pdf"]

Take control of the mac command line

Team If you are learning terminal on your mac, this ebook is excellent: [Download file "TCotheMacCommandLinewithTerminal-3.0.1.pdf"]