ISR EMC Challenge!


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    ISR EMC challenge

    • What was the lowest temp today, and when?
    • If the PPA solar panels behind the elab are rated at 110 kW, what is their max power now?
    • What about in the longest day of the year?
    • How do you know there were no leaks in the carter water system back in 2020?
    • What was the hottest day last week? How hot?
    • What is the maximum difference in solar up/down temps for the cafeteria?
    • If you knew how much water was being pumped there, what else could you calculate?
    • What is the usual energy use for the campus at night?
    • What is the max use over the last week?
    • What time exactly does the carter hot water heater come on?
    • When does it go off?
    • Look at carter solar pump flow, and explain why it is active when it is
    • Of these rooms: main hall, conference room, office, classrooms or monlab, which has either no people in it, or the windows open?
    • When and at what time was I working in the project rooms last week?
    • When and at what time did I work in my office this week?
    • What was the highest outside temp this week, and when?
    • Look up the max solar radiation for the same times, how do they relate?
    • What day last week was clear, with no clouds all day?
    • How do you know there is a water leak at Perry Fiske west bathroom?
    • How big is it?
    • Is it hot water or cold water?
    • What could be the cause?
    • What is the max power harvested by the PPA solar panels above the elab and when?
    • If these panels are rated at 110 kW, how efficient are they now?
    • If you knew the area of the panels, and the solar radiation at any time, how would you calculate their true efficiency?
    • Since last weekend, when did the tennis center use their lights during the day?
    • How many hours is this?
    • Multiply hours by kW to get kWh
    • If each kWh costs the school $0.45 (45 cents), how much money did they waste using the lights during the day this week?
    • What day in June 2017 had the highest solar PV capture? How much?
    • What day in December 2017 had the lowest? How low?
    • What was the average for each of these?

    Extra challenge:

    • When did I make tea recently at the elab? (hint: look up “elab breakers”)
    • What time did I cook lunch in the microwave then?
    • When did these happen last week?
    • When do the security lights come on at the elab every night?
    • How much energy do they use each day? (multiply hours by kW = kWh)
    • Which of the CO2 sensors in the elab is broken? How can you tell?
    • Energy Panels A handle huge things like air conditioning and hot water heating, how can you tell?
    • Which of the enphase solar panel arrays is the weakest? Why could this be?
    • The UPS system runs three plugs: which one uses the most, and why?

    Mango Challenges:

    On server ( login as isr

    Look for the data source “EG lab master”

    You can also find this labeled “eGauge elab 2” on the server at or if you are on campus

    • See if you can determine solar power generated at each location from power used by that location
    • Which of the faculty cottage complexes is using the most energy?
    • Look at cottage 3 today: when did the hot water heater come on? Why is this useful? How could you extend this information using mango?

    Create one of each of these dashboards:

    • energy
    • water
    • air
    • weather
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