This is Water

    I started the "This is Water" research project in the beginning of January 2013 to present, after attending Dr. Bill Wiecking's Energy class. I am examining the topic of pure water supply shortage on this planet and how it is becoming insufficient due to many factors that all connect back to the tampering of our eco system. I became interested in this dilemma because 1. A large amount of the population is unaware of the growing scarcity of fresh water 2. Most things that dwell on this planet require water to survive 3. The constant growth rate at which fresh water decreases. I am currently researching the cause and effect of the decreasing stock of fresh water on earth along with possible solutions to this problem.

    Water is the basis for most life on this planet, fresh water is vital to humans and only 3% of the worlds water is drinkable with two-thirds of that frozen glaciers. With the changes in climate patterns it threatens the lakes and rivers, the main source for tapping our drinking water, being contaminated with pollution. Some impacts due to this change in climate include more intense and common droughts, the sea level rise and saltwater interference. The Water Cycle has clearly changed making several regions face a "water supply issues", because of the increased rate of obtaining water in the atmosphere, some parts are experiencing drought while others parts have an overabundance of water. These areas that are experiencing water scarcity crisis. In most developing countries finding a dependable source of safe drinking water is often exhausting and expensive or also known as economic scarcity, this when there is an uneven distribution of resources, mainly because of political and ethnic conflicts. Although in other developing countries this water scarcity crisis is so immense, there is just not enough this is known as physical scarcity, which happens when access to water is limited, we are currently facing this problem in many countries and for most parts of the world occurring more rapidly in drier more arid parts of the world. As the growing population rate increases so does the need of water, there are limited sources and access, both waters significants to political and social composure will grow with this crisis. There are mainly 3 different types of water: white, gray, and black. White water represents the clean, purified water that is often used for drinking, washing, and waste water. Gray water refers to water that has been used, such as water used for washing clothing or dishes. Black water symbolizes the water that has been used for our waste, also representing water that is not purified, brackish and/or contains bacteria in it. After researching about water how it is scares in some regions of the world, how dependent we are on it, and how the change in the water cycle is effecting the water we have currently I will propose my solution.

    I will continue my research till the end of the quarter and during the summer via my internship with the New Moon Foundation and The Energy Lab.