Final Weekend Summary

Original proposal:


Approaching reconstructive surgery from a individualized healthcare lense we can Use 3D Imaging and printing to create new prosthetics that incoprate biomimicry and personalized attributes for patients needing surgery. This allows for better reconstruction and decreased recovery times in patients across the board.

Title: Bio-Engineered Reconstructive Plastic Surgery


Plastic Surgery: Plastics is a branch of the medical practice that involves both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries that effect the aesthetic and there fore in many cases the functionality of the affected body part. I am more interested in the reconstructive branch of plastics but with the data and information from my project there can be cosmetic applications.

Biomimicry: Biomimicry is a science that involves the synthesis and research of materials that are naturally found biological textures and then use them in other applications and cases. Such as skin graphing in my project.

3D Modeling and imagery: In order to complete my project I will need to use things such as 3D imaging that can be helpful in creating accurate models that can be used to benefit the lives of others.


I hope to use 3D imaging, computer technology, Art, and biology, and biomimicry to create new ways of approaching Reconstructive Plastics. I hope to create models from limited information and help construct and create new faces using exact individualized processes. Through this I hope to speed up recovery time, patient satisfaction, and push health care into new individualized age.


I hope to use computer software and imaging technology to create facial structures and muscles patterns that can then be rendered in 3D space and produced. I also hope to use biomimicry and bioengineering to create and research new and innovative materials in which we can implant and use for reconstruction and skin grafting.


  • 3D modeling software

  • Mentors in 3D modeling software

  • 3D printer

  • Imaging technology

    • 3D scanner

    • x-Ray machine *potentially*

  • Volunteers (base for facial modeling and rendering)


As plastic surgery continues to rise in popularity and practice so has its stigma of being impractical, pointless, and unimportant. However thousands of people each year experience traumatic car accidents, mastectomies, burns, and are victims to countless hate crimes and war. I don't believe those individuals need to be given only 2 options. Option A is live with the disfigurement as a reminder of the past and option B begin the process to get your one size fits all surgery and recover only to find your surgery did not work and or your skin graft is not taking. I want to give people another option to receive care that is best suited for them regardless of their geographic location, race, or economic background. That is the impact I want to make.


I want to leave a body of work for other student at HPA who want to shift the perspective of a population. Imaging technology is only increasing and we now are at a new age of biological engineering. I want to leave not only a project that has data and 3D models and Printed Prosthetics but I want to leave the idea that things can be changed and that questions can be asked. We are all individuals and should be treated as such.

Resources: Thought out the project I collaborated with so many people inside and outside of my class. I received guidance on 3D rendering from George Donev, learned more about 3D printing from Ilan and also worked with family friends on medical devices and architecture. All of these incredible resources that I was lucky enough to receive really helped me to further my project and expand upon it. Without help my oirejct would have taken ages longer to wrk on and complete but with the help of mentors I was able to learn quickly and receive great and constructive advice.

Legacy: I hope to leave this project to anyone who has a genuine interest in design or a passion for visual arts and science. I would like for people to continue to explore architecture and how it effects the environment and society. I want this project to not only be about resect but about giving student an opportunity to explore the world of science when they themselves have a strong visual and artist talent.

If I had to describe ISR to a stranger I would say that is is an opportunity to pursue what you love and to remain curious about the way in which things work. You can stay so many things but it is so important to remain passionate and curious as you journey through the course. one of my challenges included software and the immense leaning curve that some of them proposed. Also keeping myself accountable for my daily tasks and managing my time efficiently. I had to work to overcome them by simply practicing and asking for help. I am most proud of my 3D printed brain mesh as it is a tangible product that I created from the ground up. I would however have expanded on that project if I could do the year over again. Thank you so much for all of the opportunities you have all given to me. I can't wait to see where everyone and their project go.

5. If you were describing your year in ISR to a stranger, what would you say? What did you learn? What were your greatest challenges and how did you overcome them? What are you most proud of? What would you have done differently?



Today I prepared for my presentation and compiled together all of the photos and items for my formal presentation. Besides that we really just played chess talked about the memories and spent time together.



Today Alice Patig came and visited the class. It was an amazing experience to see familiar faces and to see someone who had excelled so much in HPA also excel in life after high school. I am so excited for the rest of my career in life as a designer and as a post HPA graduate. I also had some time to get together the last few bits and pieces of my project. I was able to give a rundown of my coarse as well as finish up some of the images of my architecture. I can't wait to show everyone and complete a successful year of incredible discoveries and new knowledge every single day.


Weekend Summary

There wasn't a lot to summarize this week because most If not all of the class periods were devoted to making our projects and creating visual aids and scripts and I am so close to finishing everything and I can't believe it. I have made a lot of progress and the last things that I need to do are finalize my visual aids. I am presenting during C period on Wednesday. This entire year has been so amazing and filled with so much and I have learned more than I could ever imagine. Now I just have to find a way to somehow show that to everyone who has helped me along this journey to discover my passions and create unique design innovations for architectural applications, medical applications, and other things.



Today I again spent the majority of class working on my presentation. I will be giving mine on Wednesday during C period. I am creating a visual aid and just going over what I am going to say and how I should present my independent work. This year has been crazy and I have been able to do so much because of the energy lab and everything that it has allowed me to have. I can't believe its almost time to present. I was able to make a good amount of progress on the casual aids but I wasn't able to finish complexity and I am hoping to finish it over the weekend.



Today we scheduled our presentations and I scheduled mine for C period next Wednesday. I am going to spend the remainder of the year preparing for my presentation and how I will be able to carry it to college. I also want to spend time getting to know more about the other people in the class and their presentations. There is so much going on. Today we talked about AI and the differences between machine learning and deep learning and what the next steps are for the age of the computer. There are so many people in the class who are genuinely incredible talented and skilled and passionate and I want to make sure to get a chance to understand their projects and why they are doing them.



AP BIO Exam today



Waterpolo States 5-3-17 to 5-7-17



Today we had several international educational consultants. They came and visited HPA and the independent science research classes. I had a chance to talk about my experiences as someone who has been at HPA for 8 years. I have seen so much of the school and had so many different experiences. Every time that I talk about my and project I am able to delve deeper into what it means to have a voice and talk about how as an artist I am able to feel like I have value and skills that can be applied to other parts of the school and other disciplines. I am able to really feel like in life past graduation I will be able to bring something to the world. It really excites me and I love being able to share my story to help inspire these consultants to send young kids to HPA and allow them to have amazing exercise just like the ones that I have been lucky enough to have.


Weekend Summary

This week we spent most of out time working on how we were going to present and talking about what our projects were and how and why we were doing them. It is always interesting to hear how other peoples projects have mutated and changed. The semester is coming to a close and so we are all wrapping up the year of our project. I have been fishing up my presentation as well as working on finishing the last parts of my architecture project. I am really passionate about refugees and finding resourceful and sustainable ways to make sure that all humans on the planet have a place to live where they feel relatively safe. I also want to continue this project in college. Ethical and sustainable solutions the worlds problems would be the tile of my thesis in design school if I was graduating next year.

Over the next few weeks I wasn’t tot fully refine my own presentation and what I am going to say in order to engage the audience. I know how important it is to pass the cellphone test. I want to make sure that when I present the audience know why I choose to do this project as well as what I did and the amount work that I put into it.



Today we spent time going over the "why" of our projects. It really got me thinking and I realized that in a way I had found my own unique design aesthetic. In both of my projects I started with something that was small like a monomer and began to find interesting ways that I could polymerize it in order to solve problems. This is something that I have always been intrigued by. How can we make small accessible things into larger more complicated yet useful systems. That is something that I want to pursue with the rest off my design endeavors. I also continued to work on my own design project and my architectural drawings and drafting using auto cad.



Today I was in the counseling Center



Today I worked on how to use Illustrator so I could create the inflatable vector before transforming them into 3D using CAD


Weekend Summary

I will be without service for the weekend but I wanted to use my hotspot to post this. I will finish it up as soon as I have service again. Thank you

Here is a timeline of the work that I was able to complete over the week. I would like to continue to refine it and then work on the inflatable. I also want to use inDesign to create a poster or an advertisement to create a campaign that promotes the refugee housing and new products that can help people all around the world to feel safe.



Today we had A sub and I was able to get a little done. I was able to work in illustration to create new models for an inflatable as well as work on labeling and creating my presentation that I will be able to present for my final. I really want to make it look extremely professional and well designed so that it works with the theme of my project. I was also really busy with water polo but I will be able work more on it on Sunday.



I worked today on how to present my project. We talked about the why of my project and how it has impacted me and how I want in to impact the world. I finished a very basic draft of a courtyard centered design for refugees fleeing the middle east. I really want to use design in a way that is meaningful to the world and to humanity in the pursuit of progression. I can't believe I am going to be going to school to learn how to design a better future. I may also get a graduate degree in urban planning or in architecture with a minor in industrial design.



Today I wanted to expand on my ideas to create solutions to the new problems that have arisen with internally displaced persons and international refugees. I wanted to use what I had learned from AP environmental science to create a structure that incorporated a courtyard and a smart and efficient use of space. This way the people living in the space would have places where they could congregate and be together as a unit to mentally heal and well as have a save place to sleep and get access to clean water.


Weekend Summary

This week has been a really great first week back from NYC. I was so inspired to continue drafting. I also really want to work on an inflatable that could help refugees. I want them to be made from biodegradable materials so they could be left in the ocean, they also should be small so they could be carried by children, and they need to be sturdy enough to make it from parts of Syria and north Africa to other countries if boats fail. I know it is a little late to just start something, but I al very interested in this and think it would be interesting even if I didn't fully complete anything. I would also have to do research on fabrics and textiles.

As for this week I was working on drafting and was very inspired by Richard Meier and his work. I like his use of geometric shapes and colors.

In addition to working on drafting i was able to talk to two people about the legacy of green design and projects in the future that could continue my project and create new and interesting opportunities for students to explore design.



Today we had several visitors who cam to the class to see what kind of projects we are doing in our various ISRs. I explained my project a few times very briefly to the visors.

I also worked some new drafting using circles and curves. I wanted to experiment with more natural shapes rather than remaining in orthogonal modes. Biophillac design is something that I am really passionate about and so I wanted to use more organic shapes. I also really want to focus on moving the outside in and the inside out. Buildings should separate us from the world they should help us to be a part of it.

Over the coarse of the next few days I want to really work on researching and drafting new designs using biophillic principles. and also work with Amelia and Sydney for their project in the commonage years.



Today I worked in the conference room so that I would be able to get some work done in a more quiet environment. I revisited the drafting that I began work on in AutoCad. I produced another simple floor plan in a much faster amount of time in comparison to the first time. Now I really want to explore more curves and biophillic design. I just need to acquire some more practice and some more skills on how best to use the tools in AutoCad. In addition to the work that I did in class I spoke to Amelia about her interests in design. I want to work with her on creating new biophollic design that could be used in industrial application as well as in architecture. Lastly I emailed Richard Meier again about my potential internship and am awaiting a response with more details on what it would entail.