lily's semester 1 notes


august 18th 2011
-went on the roof (haha) and learned about the solar panels
-logged into the system and learned how to study, read, and graph things
-learned different urls that are remote controls to places in the energy lab
-got a technical tour of part of the building and were told some interesting facts about the building's shape and how the air/water in it work

august 19th 2011

What we controlled on August 18th.... first day of class

The louver control~

Cameras~ http://elab4.hpa.edu:8000/

driving the cameras:

Download file "photo.PNG"

august 22nd 2011
my computers ip address:

august 24th 2011
podcasts (publish): elabx2.hpa.edu....podcasts...admin....pal82
elab green podcast server: http://elabgreen.hpa.edu/wiki/podcasts

Download file "photo.JPG"

august 26th 2011
set up camera in gpac after talking about the different camera options

august 30th 2011 (went down to gpac to work on camera)
cameras around campus: elab4.hpa.edu:8000

september 2nd 2011
STAGE - parents/relatives
IP - SD VIDEO~ms. t, hpa, external?
.179 - wirestream- live (100+) - DELAY?
.179 - security spy - no sound and delay?
.179 - live access - 1-2 people can steer or it will crash- for behind stage

field - pool

september 6th 2011
.spd (session description protocol) .mov (movie) -Building energy use
10/14/64/2 -Building solar capture
used the new SD card, and it worked! assembly recorded
**found out that with the noise sensor on, lots and lots of unnecessary footage was recorded.**

september 8th 2011
TED for cottages: 10.14.65.x
5: ckamrow@hpa.edu
6: jmartin@hpa.edu
7: khiggins@hpa.edu
8: kblacksmith@hpa.edu
checking TED:
to adjust settings: 10.14.65.x -- edit -- system settings wizard -- check: time, zipcode

NET: entire house
1: house energy
2: solar
IP Phone Email MTU product ID Gateway ID
5 881-4255 ckamrow@hpa.edu 107BCC cottage
108864 solar
6 881-4256 jmartin@hpa.edu 107BAC 21698F
7 881-4257 khiggins@hpa.edu broken broken
8 881-4258 kblacksmith@hpa.edu 107A1C broken

Download file "photo.JPG"