Elab users

    Welcome to the elab wiki pages.

    Please read these if you are teaching in the elab.

    Important notes:

    Conference room: Must be kept clean and free of clutter. Here is the checklist:

    • Make sure all class materials are removed
    • Make sure all chairs are back to normal position, level and under the table
    • Clean the whiteboard
    Technical Access:
    • The wireless password is posted near the laptops (not on this web document).
    • White plastic MacBook laptops are for students use, login as student, password is near the computers
    • Aluminum MacBook Pro laptops are for specific classes, with specific software loaded. Please see one of the top three folks (below) for questions.
    • iPads: Ten iPads are available for student use.
    • If your students use any of these YOU are responsible for making sure they are put away and on the chargers. Please help with these shared resources.
    Room access:
    Please contact Dr. Bill Wiecking about room access. A schedule is posted on the middle classroom glass wall. Please don't jump rooms without checking with us.

    If you have questions on any of these, or need technical help, here are some contact numbers:
    Dr. Bill Wiecking, bil@hpa.edu, 896 4423
    Steven Halstead, shalstead@hpa.edu, 339-221-2519
    Greg McKenna, gmckenna@hpa.edu, 769-2170