Goals and achievements


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    Below is a list of goals and achievements for our networking unit. As soon as you complete each of these, you may move on to the next one. Each of these will be scored accordingly:

    Cat 5 cable: 30 points
    Create the cable: 10
    Link works: 10
    Speed at least 1000 mb/s: 10
    Extra credit for over 1000 mb/s: 5

    Airport base station setup: 75 points
    Nuke/reset the base station: 10
    Configure for named wireless access using only 5 gHz: 10
    Restrict access to certain MAC address: 10
    Inbound port map to web, ssh and afp wired: 30
    Set to fixed WAN address: 10
    Extra credit: timed access enabled: 5

    Linksys WRT54GL router setup: 100 points
    Reset the base station: 10
    Configure for fixed WAN connection: 10
    Configure for NON DHCP LAN connection: 10
    Configure internal client port mapping: web, ssh, afp: 30
    Configure wireless access with invisible network: 10
    Restrict access to wireless network: 10
    Demonstrate content control: 10
    Extra credit: non-standard port mapping: 10

    Advanced topics: DD-WRT, MicroTik routers (if interested)
    DD-WRT setup: Extra credit: 40 points
    MicroTik setup: Extra credit: 40 points

    Wireless scanning: visible networks: 40 points
    Demonstrate traditional Apple network search: 10
    Demonstrate advanced Apple network search: 10
    Demonstrate CLI network search: 10
    Demonstrate wifi scanner utilities: 10

    Wireless scanning: invisible networks/tunnels: 40 points
    Demonstrate the use of Kismac to find invisible network: 20
    Demonstrate the use of Kismac to find a tunnel: 20

    Herobrine Hunt: variable points
    Locate all wireless access points, including MAC address, vendor, AP/tunnel configuration, and channel/frequency: 10 points each AP