Welcome Back!


    Here are some notes about our first weeks working together:

    Capstone plan 2020

    First week: 2 minute video about your project, and how it might be relevant now

    Due Friday April 3

    Next: produce a PSA video about cybersecurity and online learning

    Koa: collapses his capstone into how-tos for future classrooms: retrofits and new design paradigms

    Ami: natural experiment: water and electrical use during school, summer, 2020

    Yiyu: so many people online, what are the new threats?

    Hyuga: data being gathered now-how different?

    Jaysen: sanitary impact of facial recognition-sign of the future?

    Harry: impact of no sports on teams, the game

    Anson: how has 2020 changed your view of your project?

    Sean: evaluate privacy in 2020 and beyond

    Mathus: how can isolation change the car market, long term and short term?

    Other ideas:

    How could cybersecurity be useful as a model for pandemics?

    What will change permanently after this pandemic to online work, play and creativity?


    Weekly weblog entries due Saturday at 6 PM HST

    Wiki about your project on physics.kamuela.org due at the end of week 2, April 10

    Zoom office hours w/invite online: two times: 9 AM and 4 PM HST, 2x per week

    Email check-in with deadline 6 PM on class days (odd/even)

    Resource links:

    Physics server for wiki and weblogs:


    Physics server video and document uploads: login capstone, wifi password


    Zoom instructions:

    1. go to zoom.us
    2. signup (it’s free) using your HPA email address
    3. download the app to your computer or phone
    4. when you get an email invitation from me, click on the link and it should open zoom
    5. you can choose audio only or both audio and video
    6. we can also have a group chat, more on this soon

    Who is where:











    7-10 minutes

    show, don’t tell

    virtual showcase in the future

    Download file "Capstone Final Presentation Guide.pdf"

    Download file "Capstone Quarter 4_ Distance Learning Draft .pdf"