today we used osascript to command our own computers, and other people's. using osascript, we could make the computer talk (see below), open and close apps, and much more. this link has some good, simple, beginner osascript.


    Zarvox, Bruce, Bells, Bahh, Bad News, Victoria, Alex, Fred, Hysterical

    sudo open /Applications/iTunes.app; sudo osascript -e 'say "Play some music. Go on. I dare you." using "Zarvox"'
    sudo osascript -e 'say "[whatever]" using "Zarvox"'

    then we opened the unix ebook and checked out some commands.
    ls -lax
    ls -la
    ls -l
    ls -AF
    less .bash_history

    anything with a . in front is not supposed to be seen, but using ls -AF shows all files

    using this we found the hidden Library folder. In here there are many things including web history, web bookmarks, and other slightly scary items.