Week 6



    This past week we were able to mark several MODs as complete and got the documentation on the web blog. I really want to focus on documentation during this project, for everything we do to prepare ourselves we should document it so others can replicate it. With thorough documentation people can find ways to improve something without just doing the same thing we did without knowing it. Early in the week we went over the ZOOM mic and are trying to get a strong understanding of how to use them. Over the weekend we were to do some outdoors recording with the ZOOMs to understand the equipment. We were able to use the ZOOMs and practice interviewing when Elliot Kastner came in to talk to the class on Thursday. This was a great opportunity to practice interviewing and to practice it in a recording setting.

    Going into the week Iā€™m going to be working on these asana tasks:


    Last week our class was approached by Mr. Kastner. He gave us his presentation about his own independent research project which has got him where he is today. Later in the day we were lucky enough to get a 20 minute interview with him, which was a great practice/test interview that really laid the groundwork for many future interviews to come. We have been listening to the recordings and will get to edit them this week. I have been playing with the zoom mic Bill sent me home with, which is always fun. I will also be working on the Asana tasks.