So today Dr. Bill wasn't in so I took charge with my own stuff. I decided to take the monolab apple desktop (1st one on the left) apart because it was always running like mad and creating intense heat. I took the screen off and blew clouds (CLOUDS) of dust out of the two fans that had just accumulated over the years of sitting. When I put it all back together the thing was running sweet, and I believe that the bigger fan on the left was in fact stuck from the pileup of dust inside. The fan began to run like crazy, sucking air through the entire body at an intense rate, so intense that it actually was a bit of an issue. I thought that I had put the heat monitor wire back on funky, but Dr. Bill found that the problem was in the software, and after it was updated, the temp gauge was actually right. I proceeded to do this on the projecting computer in the main hall which was also having some heating issues, and it seems to be a bit better.