Final Portfolio

Codehs- In the beginning of our Intro to Programming class, we were assigned sections in Codehs for our homework. These sections taught us basic python and console interaction which included conditionals and looping. Codehs took us through a process of videos, quizzes, and examples in order to teach us what we needed to know about python. It was simple in the beginning but proved to be very challenging towards the end. However, with the combined power of the entire class, we were able to get through the hard assignments. We were also challenged to take our new knowledge of python and put that into our own code to do different things. One of the things we coded was a math tester that solved certain addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problem that were inputed. This project was VERY hard but satisfying to complete in the end.

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Arduino- After our Codehs lessons, we were introduced to Arduino. Arduino essentially gives us instructions on how to set up certain things on a circuit board in order to cause things to happen. For example, the instructional book will tell you where to connect several wires and light bulbs and then the code that the program has will make the lightbulbs flash in a certain order. This assignment was super fun because you could build different things and you could also play with the code a little to see how changing certain lines would affect what the program did on the board. It is like a puzzle and sometimes it doesn't work properly so you would have to investigate and figure out what went wrong to fix it. I highly recommend this to any new students in this class because it is fun and highly interactive.

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Terminal- After Arduino, our class split different ways to learn other things and a few other classmates and I were taught how to navigate through the terminal. We were taught sudo commands, how to check your terminal history, and even how to attack another computer. These commands would allow us to control a different computer from our own laptops and make it do random things like shut down or say something funny. This was super entertaining to do and is a super useful thing to know as well. Being able to know how to use terminal is super important and can give you access to many things. You are able to even hide secret files in your computer that no one else can find. Overall, learning to navigate through the terminal was one of my favorite lessons and is super helpful.

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Raspberrypi- Once we were done learning about the terminal, we were then introduced to Raspberrypi which is essentially a mini computer. We were given a few pdfs with lessons to learn everyday about the Raspberrypi. My classmates and I spent a couple of days learning the ins and outs of the Respberrypi and even started to customize our own. The pdfs were very educational and had a lot of interesting information on the basics of the Raspberrypi. We could even use our knowledge from the terminal lesson on the machines because they had a terminal as well and could be used to attack the other Raspberrypis.

Minecraft Server/Scavenger hunt- Finally, the most entertaining part in my opinion was the scavenger hunt project. We were tasked as a class to split up half and half to set up a scavenger hunt around the elab for the other half of the class to solve. The class was divided by their specialties, for example, if two people knew how to fly a drone then they would be split so that there would be one person on each team who knew what to do. There were several sections in our scavenger hunt, including code, drones, Minecraft, Arduino, and music. I was in charge of the Minecraft section of the scavenger hunt and I decided to build a replica of the elab in Minecraft for the other team to navigate through using various hints I put throughout it that would eventually lead them to the next spot to go to irl in the scavenger hunt. The hunt was so much fun and it was a blast trying to figure out how to solve each section. My team got stuck on the coding and music section which eventually lead to our loss but never the less it was super fun to create and even more entertaining to do.



The scavenger hunt was really fun and I thought it went well. Tilda was able to find the QR code with the drone pretty fast so we had a head start. However, we did have a bit of trouble getting through the coding section and finding the hidden file. The next section was minecraft and Aithne's design for it was fun to run through and made finding the next clue pretty easy. The section that my team got hung up on and eventually causes us to lose was the music section because evil Rowan decided to put morse code in the music. Overall, it was super fun and I would be glad to do it again.



Aithne and I have started to build our part of the scavenger hunt in the new minecraft server. I hope none of them are reading this but I have decided to build a replica of the elab in minecraft and have several clues in the replica elab that eventually lead to the final spot that they have to visit in the real world for the next part of the scavenger hunt.



This week Aithne and I brainstormed our ideas for our part of the class scavenger hunt. We were thinking about making a Minecraft server for the class to navigate through using various clues (signs, books, etc.). We could use redstone building in order to create more challenges in the hunt. The goal ifsfor the classmates to find clues on how to solve the next part of the scavenger hunt.



I got all the way to Day 11 in the Raspberry pi pdf where I learned about basic commands to plus into the terminal. The network commands were very useful to know about and the package management commands were also very interesting.



This week I learned about the raspberry pi and how to navigate through it. I also learned a little bit about google glasses which I thought was very interesting and cool. It was a little difficult to figure out what to do on the raspberry pi at first but now I understand it more.


Weblog for last week

On Friday I learned how to attack another computer and how to make it shut down or to say certain things. I thought this was very interesting and I liked making the computer say things the most.



Today I finished circuits 9 and 10. Circuit 10 didn't work because the motor didn't spin but I'm hoping to figure out what is wrong with it next week. Circuit 9 was my favorite because it played a nice song.


Weekly Weblog 1

Last week I was able to complete circuits 1-5 of the Arduino kit. I was able to mess around with the code a little bit to see what would happen if I changed or added different things to the code. Circuit 4 was especially fun to play around with because of its many lights and it was my favorite to build too.