HW 9/1


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    Part one: Sensors and controls

    1. go to and see if you can open something

    Elab Louver

    1. go to and do the same thing

    Elab Window

    1. try again with, what do you find?

    Elab fan

    1. go to and look at the energy use in the elab, then turn on the hot tea water maker, which circuit is it on?

    A Panel 1

    1. go to 10.14.62.x and check out the weather right now. What is a W/m2?

    The generation of solar energy

    1. check out to see the earthquake activity here

    Part two:

    • go to

    • how much solar power is generated on campus?

    • 284 kilowatts per hour

    • how much is generated at the elab?

    • 17 megawatts per hour

    • how much is generated at the PPA array behind the elab?

    • 94 megawatts per hour

    • how much solar power is generated at each building?

    • Units: kw/hr

    • GCAC: use: 0 /generate 20

    • CLH: use 0/ generate 20

    • IT building: use 22, generate 20

    • Solar English building: 22

    • Solar dining hall: 24

    • how much is used at each location?

    • Units: kw/hr

    • Classroom C: 10

    • Tennis center: 14

    • Library: 6

    • Gym: 20

    • when is it used?

    • Most of the uses happen during the day after 8:30 when classes start

    • what does this tell you?

    • The school uses a lot of energy every day (especially places like the tennis center where people don’t know how to turn off their lights).

    • what dorm uses the most energy?

    • Perry-Fiske

    • when do the dorm lights “go off”?

    • From my experience is 10:30 for weekdays and 11 for weekends, but the graph shows that there are still some uses of the energy after lights off.

    • when is the use the least?

    • Carter Hall