Project Proposal 2014

Parker’s Paniolos Past and Present:

Independent Historical Preservation Study Proposal

The purpose of this independent study is to essentially record accounts of Parker Ranch’s history from both an sociological and ecological standpoint in hopes to preserve Waimea’s rich history. I will begin by analyzing Parker Ranch’s weather data and compiling a timeline corresponding with the environmental health of the ranch. This will both preserve Waimea’s account of it’s environmental history as well as help me understand in what conditions the cowboys, or paniolos, were working under during their time on the ranch. The next step is to contact people from Parker Ranch both past and present and record an oral account of their personal history of Parker Ranch as well as photograph each individual. Each personal account will be written with corresponding environmental data as an photojournalistic essay. In order to complete the process I will need a means of transportation, a recording device, and a camera. I plan to record the entire process on a weblog on the server for future HPA students to view or continue the project. The histories will otherwise be preserved in Parker Ranch’s historical archives and will shed light as well as give a voice to Waimea’s paniolos. From this process I hope both preserve Waimea’s past, shed light on a perspective of Waimea’s past and present, and conceptualize what Waimea’s future may hold with hopes in the future HPA students will take initiative to record and illustrate our town’s history. I will meet with Dr. Wiecking twice a week and Mr. O'Leary once a month throughout this project to assess progress and discuss future work.

While in between steps on the paniolo project, I will also be aiding in other environmental research and projects stationed in the elab. Projects include: HK/NAIS 2.0, protoSTAR, school wide environmental audit, and the Portland CEFPI project, Project Green Challenge among others.


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