Purpose and Procedure March 25,2013

The purpose of the Food Miles Case Study is to essentially educate myself about the current local food production system and apply this knowledge towards proposing alternative methods to the current issues. I chose six food-supplying establishments to analyze. The establishments are under anonymous names in order to protect their privacy. Throughout my research I refer to the cases as the following: chain coffee shop, local coffee shop, chain burger joint, local burger joint, school cafeteria, and local restaurant. I have chosen these particular six establishments to show the variety of the style of cuisine and range of type of transportation used. I have contacted each case asking for permission to publish them anonymously in my research. Five of the six have agreed. I also asked each case for data on where their products are imported from, how they are imported, and why. Five of the six have responded. Once all data has been collected I can then make my own assessment of each case study by using outside research and the data from the sources and summarize the data accordingly. From there I plan to analyze the implications of food miles, effects of type of transportation, and why this method was chosen. From there I will propose alternatives to make the current food production system less detrimental to the environment by using different marketing choices, transportation alternatives, etc. After collecting data, analyzing the data, making informal assessments, proposing alternatives, I will begin to picture the next step. For example, how to reduce environmental impact island wide or even statewide. My work will be recorded in a weblog on the physics.hpa.edu server titled Food Miles which is private to protect the cases. My complete evaluation will be written up as a research paper.


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