Week 3, class 2 (3.2)


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    Please make sure you have recorded your results from Unix war games today on your weblog.
    Our next steps will be to pick up where we left off in the Taking control of our pdf:
    Take Control of the Mac Command Line with Terminal (1.1):

    Download file "Take Control of the Mac Command Line with Terminal (1.1).pdf"

    Please read at least up until passwd command, and read ahead to cover these topics:
    scripts: #!/bin/sh
    shell script: #!/bin/bash
    drag and drop terminal, open .
    open -a safari, chess
    permissions: chmod, ls -la, 421 rule 1-2-4 = rwx
    chmod a+x
    su vs. sudo
    defaults commands
    sudo softwareupdate -i -a

    textutil -convert html file1.doc

    with drag and drop from finder

    grep, pipes
    tar, tarballs
    curl URL > filename.html
    lookup scp (secure copy)
    compare lsof -i and sudo lsof -i
    --questions to consider:
    • what is the difference between | and >

    ----network section-----
    managing networks: curl showmyip, airport -s, lsof, ping, host, whois
    internal dns
    sudo nano /etc/hosts/

    As soon as we are comfortable with these commands, we can move on to networking, beginning with cat5 cables, which you will create on your own.
    Let me know how I can help.