Week of 11.10.14


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    I understand that some of you have been successful with your basic html pages, great work.
    Please make sure you have completed the following modules:
    1. Install and setup Raspberry Pi
    2. Basic html uploaded to your /home/pi/www folder
    3. HTML primer sections up to CSS, including the HTML5 examples
    Where we will go next is into cgi scripts, written in PERL, a computer programming language. There is an excellent site on cgi 101 here:
    You can also find the complete text in our act resources folder, under pdf.
    We will begin Monday by installing MAMP in your laptops. This is a neat kit installing four elements:
    M=Macintosh, named after a noted breed of apple
    A=apache2, which you are already deep into
    M=mySQL a database system
    P=PHP3, a gateway program used in online shopping, database access and other cool things.

    You will install MAMP using the codes in the MAMP folder in our resource folder (look for codes.txt)
    You will install MAMP using first the 3.0 code, which will require the 2.0 code as well.
    If you are eager to try some of these out, you can download the free version from http://mamp.info, there is a mac and a windows version.
    You could then try copying some of the cgi scripts from the text, there are some fun, interesting and creepy ones in there. None with cats, unfortunately.

    To be better prepared, I ask that you read the first chapter in the cgi 101 text (online is fine, see link above). This should give you a great background on cgi: common gateway interfaces

    We'll move after cgi into scratch, python and other programming, depending on your interest.
    Please remember to list your idea for an independent project on your weblog.

    Let me know how I can help.